How do I set up my Bali?

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Bali Bed

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  • Cubbies and Drawer Rails
  • Pullout Nightstand
  • Drawers
  • Central Support
  • Bed Frames
  • Foot and Side Modules
  • Tilting doors

Complete assembly: bed and headboard

How to assemble your new Storage Bed Bali - step by step

Storage Headboard Bali - how to assemble?


We've sold more than 50,000 Bali beds worldwide: we've put together the main questions we've received to help you assemble your bed.

You can send us an e-mail to and we will respond as quick as possible.

Usually, FedEx or UPS deliver all boxes at the same time. But, although we always ship all boxes together, sometimes they deliver the boxes separately. We don't know why they do that. 🤷🏻 Don’t worry though. If you check any of the tracking numbers of the boxes you already received on the carrier website, you will be able to check all the other boxes tracking numbers and their delivery status. 😉

No! Our Bali bed boxes are designed to be opened and assembled one box at a time. The assembly system is so designed to save space in the room and to make the process easier. So the first one to be opened and assembled is Box #1 (which contains the foot of the bed), WITH THE ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS FOR ALL BOXES. Then you should open and assemble Side Module Box (1 box for Twin Size or 2 boxes for Full, Queen, or King Sizes). And last, the long box, with the top of the bed (frames and slats).

You will need a Phillips screwdriver and we recommend a hammer and a rubber mallet, but these last two are not mandatory. The hardware kit that comes with the furniture already has a Hex Key Allen Wrench that is also necessary for assembly. You can use an electric screwdriver to speed up the assembly process, but it is extremely necessary to adjust the tool’s torque so as not to damage the wood when installing the screws. Be careful not to tighten the screws too much: The wood might crack if there’s too much force. This tightening is not necessary to ensure stability or sturdiness.

We have several videos ready, available through the links on this page and we are always developing new videos. If you have any video suggestions, just let us know (! We will be happy to create new content to make the assembly process even smoother.

Our boxes are highly reinforced, and, in most cases, they can withstand external damage without damaging the wooden parts inside the box. You can open the boxes and check for any damage. If there’s any issue, just email us, and we will promptly send replacements to you.

Just contact us at and we'll get you the parts you need right away. Don't worry. We guarantee that you will have a complete and perfect product. 😉

No, this is not a manufacturing defect. Some of the drilling really isn’t done so it can be done once you put in the proper screws. This is to ensure greater stability and firmness in the bed. If you have any questions, please contact us at

The pullout nightstand is piece #27 that comes in the Side Module Boxes. After you assemble the side modules, keep this part separate, you will place it in the last steps, after the assembly is nearly complete.

You will find details on how to make these adjustments in the video Tilting Doors: Assembly and Adjustments.

There’s a metal plate tagged as part “X” that should be fixed on the internal face of the lateral frames. It prevents the doors from tilting in. When the individual modules are assembled, it looks like the doors are not fully vertical, but when you assemble the last box, and fix these metal plates, the doors will be stable and in place. If the door is still not totally aligned, do not worry, you just need some fine adjustments. We have a video available for exactly this purpose – check it out here and you will find details on how to make these adjustments.

When assembling the 4 superior frames, the horizontal frames are fixed using the parts “U” to hold in the screw “H”. Make sure to place the parts “U” with the curved exterior part facing the outside of the bed (the hole in part “U” should be closer to the screw). In the video assembly of the frames, we show how to correctly position this hardware.

Contact us at and we will be happy to help you. You can be sure that you will have your perfect piece of furniture.

About moving the bed, our recommendation is only partially disassembling the furniture (even for more distant moves). Our suggestion is to remove the top part of the bed (frames and slats), central support and the tilting doors. For the remaining parts, keep them assembled in modules. Just loosen screws that keep the modules together and transport the 3 modules (bed foot and side modules) assembled.


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