Warranty Policy

Our Warranty Policy

At Memomad, we want your shopping experience to be WOW, and that's why we do everything with great care.

We know how important your purchase is and we want you to feel safe, that's why we offer a 6-month contractual warranty.

IMPORTANT: Our furniture and decorations are intended for residential use. We give no indication of their use in commercial establishments. For restaurants, shops or the like, a 3-month warranty applies.



• Our warranty begins at the time you had your product delivered. When the product arrives at your home, it is important that you open the boxes and check that it is as expected and check if no part is missing. Even if you don’t use or assemble the product immediately, we can solve any problem as soon as possible if the furniture has one.

• For one month after the delivery of your product, in addition to the warranty, there are also the returns rules and costs when you regret the purchase. The warranty may be used to replace parts or products if a quality or manufacturing defect is detected after the Memomad team has performed an analysis by images sent by the customer.

• The warranty applies to defects related to the raw material and the manufacture of the furniture. Delivering is also guaranteed when supplied by Memomad or its appointed companies. Otherwise, the warranty does not apply to damage caused by incorrect assembly by others.



  1. Wear on the finish of the product, caused by heavy use or exposure to adverse conditions such as humidity, heavy hot and cold air, among others;
  2. Damage caused during transport and assembly of the product, when not made by Memomad or by professionals hired by it;
  3. Defects or wear and tear caused by misuse, undue effort or any kind of use other than that proposed by the company for the purchased product;
  4. Problems caused by improper conditions of the place where the product was installed, such as uneven floors, excessive humidity, poor wall resistance, etc.
  5. Maltreatment, neglect, cleaning and / or maintenance in disagreement with the instructions passed on by the company;
  6. Damage caused by cleaning or repair services contracted by the consumer;
  7. Changes made to the structure or finish of the product, different from how you received the product in your home;
  8. Damage caused by accidents, falls, attacks by pests or agents of nature;
  9. Oxidation or corrosion due to lack of cleaning, maintenance with inadequate products or exposure to bad weather, humidity or salt spray, except for products intended for use under such conditions.


If your product has a problem that was not listed above, please contact us by email info@memomad.com

Please send photos of the problem, your full name and the order number. Our team will evaluate what happened and find the best solution for you.

Your photos and / or videos will be forwarded to our quality engineers, who will confirm if there is a technical defect in the product or not. If the manufacturing defect is proven, Memomad commits to sending a replacement of the piece or even of the entire product, depending on the extent and severity of the problem encountered.

The Guarantee of Memomad can be changed at any time. Therefore, we recommend that you keep the warranty conditions that you receive with your product and the invoice. This makes it easier for you to request the use of the warranty.

Warm regards,

Memomad Team