Environmental Care and Sustainability


Our concern for the environment and the practice of sustainability comes from the moment that the group was created in 2006. We know and respect the value of nature, being sure that a house built with green alternatives becomes a much happier and complete home.

It is good to know that we do our part and that we are together in a battle for a better future. And that's why all our furniture is made from wood of planted forests: products that offer beauty and quality while being friends of nature.

And as more than that, we also value to the maximum everything that is done here in our earth. All our furniture is made exclusively by brazilian manufactures, without exception, as well as our decorative accessories - largely fruit of skilled hands of artisans from Brazil, with quality and produced by people in good working condition.

We intend to ensure that the furniture or accessory you see in our website, has been produced in a sustainable way, with social responsibility and commitment from start to finish. They are products made with the creativity and the beauty that only we are able to do.


100% SUSTAINABLE Furniture From Planted Forests