Be One of Our Designers

We value talent from everyone and everywhere!

If you are a professional designer or student you can subject your project. In order for the evaluation to be objective, we need you to send us:


  • an illustration or perspective rendering of the project; 

  • technical drawings with 3 views and the basic dimensions of the product;

  • descriptive design concept, materials used and technologies involved in the manufacturing process.


How we select projects!

Our team evaluate if the project reaches the criteria of production feasibility, originality and relation to the group way of thinking design.


Making the project a reality!

For everything to go as you planned, your project is produced by carefully selected manufacturers and the Oppa Studio team minutely oversees every detail of the process.


Your project in our store!

In addition to development, we promote and market your product, making it possible for your project to be accessible to all. You are paid royalties, and your profile is displayed next to the product on the Oppa website, so your name and talent are recognized.